Lisbon boasts many adult locations, from sex clubs and strip bars to bordellos and independent escorts who work from private apartments; these services can be hired for either single date sex sessions or full service packages.

Portugal’s dire economic conditions are driving more women into prostitution. Ines Fontinha, director of Associacao O Ninho (Nest Association), which assists sex workers, commented that people were becoming anxious in response to the financial turmoil and therefore increasingly turning to prostitution for income.

Fontinha noted that many women were desperate for money and faced no other viable options due to unemployment being so high. She noted economic issues had led more men into prostitution. Fontinha added the sexual industry is becoming more dangerous with recent murder of transgender prostitute in Lisbon being yet another reminder of its dangers as well as the need for better law enforcement protection of those involved in it.

Lisbon’s sex scene can be intimidating for the unwary and its red light district is well-known. Girls advertise themselves openly in doorways and on street corners near Praca de Figueria and Martim Moniz; but there’s more happening in Bairro Alto where hookers distract their victims by beggarism before taking possession of money or other possessions from them.

Homosexual male prostitution is an increasingly prevalent practice across many cities in Portugal, particularly Lisbon and other major metropolitan centers, typically occurring in bars, discos and sex resorts. Gay men also offer themselves for hire through ads-supported sex shops; and “pick-up bars” may even exist to facilitate this activity.

Portugal, traditionally Catholic and conservative in nature, has made significant strides to increase visibility for homosexuals over recent years. Same-sex marriage was officially recognized in 2010 and antidiscrimination laws exist across Portugal – although violence against women in the sex industry still poses serious threats – Portugal remains one of the world’s most hazardous nations for prostitutes to work in.

There are also a handful of strip clubs and gentlemen’s clubs in the city, although most cater to tourists. One such popular venue is Amoretto Sauna with its playroom and hot tub; entrance fees typically cost EUR40 which include drinks and snacks for entry; for an extensive list of events visit their website.

There is a selection of sex shops in the city selling DVD’s and toys. Some specialize in erotic lingerie while others carry more general adult products. Online sex stores also stock an abundance of adult goods; several adult bookstores also operate, but most tend to close early; some even remain closed on Sundays and holidays!

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